26yrs old male pt c/o lesions around eyes since 1 yr Started as a small papule which gradually increased in size over a period of 1yr. initially only eyelids were affected. recently noticed similar lesion on both ears. h/o application of triple combination creams. dds?



Allergic contact dermatitis

The way it is presenting it seems to be psoriasis. DD:1 seborrhoeic dermatitis,2atopic dermatitis 3 contact/allergic dermatitis

Dr Supriya madam I concur with Dr Sarada that it could be a case of seborrhoeic dermatitis. These patients will have a Severe dandruff In scalp and Have habit of using some towel for face and scalp.

Thank you for your expert opinion sir. my dds are seb dermatitis and allergic contact dermatitis. since the pts scalp was completely clear with no evidence or h/o dandruff i was a bit confused regarding SD but have treated the patient as a case of SD only.

thank u sir

C/o itching and burning at present. Also has stopped applying creams since past 1 month.

primary irritant dermatitis

seborrhoeic dermatitis

allergic dermititis?? visual disordwe??

Rule out use of dye or colours on hair s ? Allergy ??

no h/o use of any hair dyes

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allergic contact dermatitis

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