A 51 Y/O female came with pain in the left elbow that has gradually worsened over the past 12 hours. She denies injury, fever, or other symptoms and has never experienced pain in her elbow previously. Severe pain is noted with elbow flexion, but no swelling is identified. The area quite tender and slightly warm.=Soft tissue ultrasound is normal with no evidence of joint effusion. Radiograph of the left elbow is posted below. Is it infection, pseudogout, or trauma without recall? or anything else?


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An MRI of elbow could reveal more findings. Pseudogout or gout to be ruled out.

Put simple analgesic Wait and watch Ap view

Trauma without recall Looks to be TENIS elbow

Thanx dr Machindra Gore

Arm sling Analgesics Chymoral CBC esr RA factor Uric acid Crp Reassess after reports Temperature chart

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