Anxiety disorders are treated by combination of medication and psycho-therapy. Effective treatment of anxiety disorder starts with comprehensive & indepth psychological assessment, establishment of specific anxiety diagnosis, education of patients on stress response, assessing severity of anxiety symptoms ( mild, moderate, severe), and developing & offering tailored made treatment psychiatric intervention based on individual psychosocial history. It's also very important to identify precipitating factors/ risk situations triggering anxiety/ panic attacks on exposure. Individuals suffering with anxiety disorders need to undergo various laboratory investigation and medical examination to rule out associated medical diseases. For example anxiety attacks/ disorders are commonly associated with hypertension, diabetes, thyroid disorders, deranged blood cholesterol level, heart diseases, arrhythmia, chronic obstructive lung diseases, anemia, and other endocrine disorders, premenstrual symptoms and postmenopausal syndrome in women. Your doctor may asked you to undergo psychological tools/ scale to assess presence or absence of anxiety disorders including severity assessment. Nowdays, safer & effective medication are available to treat anxiety disorders. These newer medications are not addictive or habit forming, neither they have serious adverse effects. Prescription of anti-anxiety medications depends on the severity of anxiety disorders. However, you need to wait for 2-3 weeks for anti-anxiety medications to show its maximum effect. You should remember severe anxiety disorders response best to medications. Another equally important aspect of the anxiety management is initiation of long term psychosocial therapy ( counseling) such as cognitive behavior therapy ( CBT), mindfulness meditation, JPMR ( Jacobson Progressive muscle relaxation), stress management therapy, deep breathing exercises, sleep hygiene, exposure and response prevention therapy, systematic desensitization, biofeedback, hypnosis, diet management, treatment of tobacco, alcohol and substance abuse, and lifestyles therapy ( exercises). Treatment of anxiety disorders are very much possible and achievable. Seek help ... Dr Satish Rasaily Consultant Addiction Medicine Psychiatrist Center For Addiction Medicine, Sawney, Chuwatar, West Pandam.


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