itching 3days pain umlical region slight pyrexia age 7year wt 17kg line of management


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Scabies Tab-Levocet 5mg 1bd x5days Tab - Azithral 500 mg 1 od hs Tab -Meftal-spas 1bd x3days Permethin lotion once locally Tetmosol soap bath Investigation /clinicopathological evaluation needed for umbilical pain and fever

Thanks Dr Bharat B Madha

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Scabies Tab Ivermectin 200mcg/kg stat & rept after 14 days. Permethrin 5% to apply locally for 12 hours Tab Hydroxyzine 10mg TDS×7days then I tab daily for 7 days. Bath with Ketoconazole soap. Treat others in contact. Discard clothes and used items & wash with detergent well. Maintain personal & family hygiene.

Thanks Dr Amitabha Dasgupta

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@Dr. R Shyam Gupta -scabies

Scabies / primary irritant dermatitis

ATARAX LOSION sizon 5mg tab ketostar soap taxiem 100mg tab ibupen plus tab

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