Frequently Asked Questions

  • What languages does Pervin Keki Surti speak?

    Pervin Keki Surti speaks English.

  • What practice does Pervin Keki Surti work with?

    Pervin Keki Surti works with Cama Athornan Boarding Madressa from undefined undefined 19 as a Healer...In My Healing Music Show ,One Lady Came with Severe Back Pain .She Had To Be Given a Special Seat for Back Rest.By the Time the Show Was Over She Went Normally Walking and Back Pain Disappeared.

  • Where did Pervin Keki Surti study?

    Pervin Keki Surti is studying B.Com., Avesta Pahlavi, PhD in all five religions and Science as a part of present doing my second research from Mumbai University (MU).