30 years old male presented with Indeterminate leprosy patch at face since 1 year. (Figure 1) Causally he said that now a days my finger-prints does not open mobile phone. His finger-prints did not match with Adhar card. (Figures 2-3) Please share your experience with patients.



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Good information doctor. Wel explained. Keep it up sir.

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Yes. The fingerprint ridges are almost vanished

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Thanks for sharing sir , recently one of my patient told me casualy that one of his relatives could not get her Adhar card for the reason that she could not make a finger print' what came to my mind that time was ? leprosy only .

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@Dr. Pankaj Jagirdar - nice elaboration .congratulations

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I agree Dr. Pankaj

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Very informative post sir. New to know Thanks for sharing. @Dr. Pankaj Jagirdar sir

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U R an Excellent Teacher SIR--- N Probably U R very BG SIR-- I Personally Want to give Slightly more time in Curofy, So that We can learn much more--- Thanks--- Respected @Dr. Pankaj Jagirdar SIR.

Dear Dr Dhara Thank you. You are too kind to write this. Honestly I do not deserve. You are right about my other work in last 5 months. My new book Early Diagnosis of Foot Drop due to Leprosy took me 4-5 months to complete. This insignificant work has generated interest among dermatologists, surgeon, pathologists and preventive medicine experts in various medical universities aboard. In 25 days 600 researchers have read/downloaded this work. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/323747843_Early_Diagnosis_in_Foot_Drop_due_to_Leprosy Please read and give your suggestion. with regards pankaj

Good informative post sir

Alteration Finger-prints Finger-prints are increasingly used as identification on smart phones, Adhar card etc. Unfortunate leprosy patients are finding this problem now a days. Following is short review of the subject. Permanent impairment of finger-prints occur in following conditions: 1. Leprosy 2. Electrocution 3. Radiation exposure Finger-prints not altered but distance between ridges changed in following conditions: 1. Infantile paralysis 2. Rickets 3. Acromegaly Finger-prints ridge alteration occurs in following conditions: 1. Eczema 2. Acanthosis nigricans 3. Scleroderma 4. Dry or atrophic skin Ridge atrophy and loss of pattern in following condition: 1. Coeliac disease Please read FINGER-PRINTS CAN BE PERMANENTLY ALTERED BY: A ECZEMAB LEPROSY C ... gradestack.com/Dr-Bhatia-Medical/Finger-prints-can-be/55-3042-3166-15604-sf

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