36 yr old female with c/o multiple jt pain for past 1yr. Increased S.calcium-12, decreased uric acid-1.4. Wat s t cause? Wat s t treatment? Probable dd pseudogout. Anyother possibility?

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Elevated esr-30,60, ra factor- negative

Do po4 ,alpo4, and pth. Repeat ca

may be hyperparathyroidism

Is it articular or periarticular pain. Inflammatory vs noninflammatory. If inflammatory arthritis pain then consider anti-ccp and ANA. Also rule our hyperparathyroidism and thyroid disorders.

Sir it s inflammatory articular pain. Treating as sero neg arthritis. Due to unaffordability didn't do ana profile and thyroid profile

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Require repeat test from good lab, as well as arthritis panel test

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