46 yrs male Severe pain in right foot since 8 months... Present treatment Kaishora guggulu Rasna erandadhi kashayam Shallaki xt Murivenna bandhana Kottam chukkadhi lepa Please suggest valuable opinions..



Use shatdhot ghrut l/a , consume long time, but it's cure

Nakli bhrangraj ka kalk bna kr use calcanium ki jagh bandh de .... or isi ka swarsa nikal kar pilaye....

@A.K.Srivastava. Arnica Mont 6 thrice daily and Calcarea Phos 6x daily 4 times.

Kanchanara guggulu 2tid Ashwagandha churna +Godanti bhasma Raktashodhak vati Kanaka lepa external application If not relived u can go for Agni karma after good control of diabetes

@Dr. Kamalakar Puripanda sir why don't you go with Agni Karma with this management?

Actually pt is diabetic...

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May be suffering from calcaneal spur.

1.habbe a suranjan tid .2.qur a jograj guggal tid 3.majoon a usba bd 4.majoon dabidulward bd 5.itrifil muqil mullayan at bed time. For local application apply roghan a hafath burgh.

For this homeopathy definitely work's. Use Arnica, Ruta, Calc flou andHypericum.

Its calcium deposits occurs with inflammation heels.......proper wearing for the support of heel, if patient countiously standing work.....he should avoid......weight should be reduced..... Exercise must........and homeopathy medicine like Calc-flour, silicea, calc-sil, medo, anti- crude, lyc ...............will be helpful according to the history as a constitutional med for the patient.

Ammonium carb 200 single dose weekly &bryonia 30 3times a day

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