60 yr old female c/o left sided upper and lower limb weakness since last night. known hypertensive on irregular medication. blood reports WNL. ur comments on the case and CT head pls!!!



Cerebral stroke Rt paritao occipital infraction with mild cortical atrophy Advise neurologist

As seen in posterooccipital area is hypoechoic area is is cerebral infarct Cerebral stroke

Thanx dr Pushkar ji Bhomia

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arachnoid cyst?

Subacute infarct in watershed area of Rt PCA and MCA

Possible haemorrhage lesson seen.need neurological opinion for further

If less than 4.5hrs then thrombolysis Otherwise ecospirin75od. Atorva40od. Enoxaparin0.6ml SC In mannitol as per ict pressure. Head up30 degree. Other supportive care. Alpha bed. DVR pump

Why enoxaparin ???

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Rt. Parieto occipital acute ischemic infarct suggestive of ischemic attack please run stroke protocol (Dapt + statins) manage BP if high, Run labs on lipid Hba1c blood sugar etc also put patient on mvi..

Large hypodense area seen in rt parieto occipital region likely acute infarct. Adv MRI brain with angiography to rule out hemorrhagic transformation. Accordingly Can consider, antiplatelets statins, LMWH, citicholine edavarone mannitol.

Right parito occipital infarction With mild cortical atrophy ref to neurosurgeon

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