7 month girl , absence of vegina.what should be done and whan



At this stage re assurence of family is very important. As per management is concerned. Get base line usg done.. For internal organs. Uetrus. Kidney. Check for presence of vaginal walls. Finally vaginoplasty anytime after puberty. At timr of marriage


If all the female reproductive system are intact , Vaginoplasty can be performed at the pubertal age


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Its a case of ambigous genitilia ...... do karyotyping , usg abdomen , barr body , rule out CAH , dont label the sex of the baby till all the investigations are done.......


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If reproductive system is with in normal limit there is no need for surgery till menarche. If there atresia of reproductive system during adult time and if she is willing to marry then she needs vaginoplasty.

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Vaginoplasty to be done at puberty

Advise sonogram of abdomen and pelvis .see there is reproductive organs are there are not . If it is there follow up till she attain menarche.

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Mam Counsel the parents well to relieve their anxiety Get a basic level USG investigation to see the status of internal gonads and uterus ,kidneys.and to rule out MRKH Let he child grow VAGINOPLASTY can be contemplated any time at martiageable age 3-4 months bfore marriage by MC INDOE'S TECHNIQUE Please go through the paper published by us and shared with all fw weeks ago

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