A 28 year old female IT professional having complaint of tingling sensation in both legs in evening and sometime feels involuntary movements on sole (Shown in Video) Mostly before sleeping after having dinner.... Prakriti Pitta Kaphaja BMI is in normal range Blood Sugar Level within limits, not having family history of DM Ahar Satvika Nindra Samanya 7-8 Hours without any disturbance Mala Mutra Pravratti Samanya Kostha Mridu, gets 1-2 vega with 1 glass of milk Mansika Dosha Avastha : Balanced Tridosha Avastha : Vata is disturbed according to Nadi Pariksha, get the strongest pulsation at Vata finger Periods are regularly regular Unmarried Not having much physical activity, mostly sitting job, never do household work Not having history of Vata Vardhak Ahar Vihar. Not having any other related history. Not found any Nidana in history.... I have advised for Mahavatavidhwansak Rasa 1 tab BD Kamdudha Rasa (Mukta Yukta) 1 tab BD Rasna Saptak Kshaya 20ml BD with equal quantity of water Thats it, Please share your valuable opinion on this case.... I have only advised Vata Shamak Chikitsa.... What may be the possible Nidana? Should I advise for Serum Electrolytes if not get results? What is next? Please let me know the specific Diet precautions in this case....




If there is a prominent (pitta) pulse at index finger/ vaat finger, this denotes many things like increased pressure in lower limbs/ fibroids/ bleeding piles/ varicose veins/ inflammatory process at a specific area below navel/ pelvic congestion. There are a few more points that may support the patient's treatment- 1. There are prominent dorsal plantar veins at the metatarsal arch of the foot shown in the video. This area is meant to support the weight of the body in the erect position with least weight. 2. Being overweight, high cholesterol level and improper or tight fitted footwear and high heels are directly related to this condition. You can advise a soft insole also. 3. Check/ ask about the swelling of the foot/ feet at the rest position also. Advice Color Doppler and an ECG accordingly. You may advise a stress test too. 4. Use of simple elastic compression starting at the root of the foottoes and gentle massage of the foot upwards. Advise to sleep with the legs raised at night. 5. Add Punarnavadi guggul, Arjun chhal sheer paak, Sahcharadi oil and leg exercises to be done daily multiple times a day. Prolonged sitting with legs downwards is strictly prohibited because of poor circulation. Blockage is causing low oxygen supply and nutrient deficiency like Vitamin B12.

Thanks for the detailed explanation ma'am..... Lets see what happens.... Will update you on next followup

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May be B12 deficiency

As she is IT Professional I think she has to sit and work for long time some times bad posture if sitting and height of the table is to long that Preassure on the vertebra column and due to regular episodes nerve compression may arise.... Trayodashaang Guggulu Rasnasaptak Kwatha Palsineuron Kati Basti with Ksheera Bala Tailam Or Mahavishagarbha Tailam Followed by Kati Swedanam or Pottali Swedanam Physiotherapy Modulation like IFT TENS SWD & Some How Interminant Traction will be Helpful...

Also posture correction is also needed

Phytollaca 1m

Cuprum ars 3x

Lachasis 1m weakly

According to Allopathy, it may be a case of DYSTONIA Dystonia is a neurological movement disorder that causes muscles in the body to contract or spasm involuntarily. The involuntary muscle contractions cause twisting, repetitive and patterned movements as well as abnormal postures. According to Ayurveda, it is VATA DISORDER. So, VATA SHAMAK CHIKITISA is the key to successful treatment. And you have already advised it. Why don't you advise MAHANARAYAN TAIL for local application ? Here, the cause of DYSTONIA may be Mental Turmoil, Disappointed Love, Grief, Depression, Excessive Mental or Physical Exertion leading to Vitation of Vata. Removal of causative factors is the key to success. @Dr. Hemant Adhikari Sir!

Thanks sir.... After 3 days will update you....

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Rx. Dhanvantara taila for abhyanga,. Aswagandhadi chu with milk at bed time,,. Brahmi taila for nasya,, Sukha virechana regularly,,. Advise Vata syamaka ahara,,.

Thanks sir


Secale cor, agaricus, zincum etc.. sr electrolyte could be helpful

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