A 60yrs female brought by relative with complaints of dyspnea on exertion since 3, fever , cough since 4 days cxr done , Hemogram done that showed wbc-3100 , plt-133000, hb-12 dengue antigen negative what is the diagnosis and treatment



Leucopenia Thrombocytes towards low X-ray chest is not very clear Report suggest rt diaphragmatic hump Likely viral Adv RT PCR to r/o covid

Chest x ray is not clear... But as WBC is low, may b there any sepsis.... Fever, cough, dyspnea may b due to atypical pneumonia... Start a broad spectrum antibiotic along with macrolide, cough expectorant, bronchodilator.....

Please give him inheletion therpy Febheal 400 Monticope-A, Mahflox 400 pan D for 7 days With

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