A female Pt with jelly like lesions. over uterus and ovarian cyst ... can you guess the lesion



Very well explained,thank you Dr.sripathy.

I agree with you that there is associated endometriosis (chocolate cyst). At the same time, white plaques and light yellowish coloured cysts are the result of chronic recurrent pelvic inflammatory disease.

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May be tubercles We should take any family history of TB Any H/o irregular menstrual cycle ,pain abdomen,constipation

Thank all you participants . Please look at all photos . The last one shows a large ovarian cyst just Ruptured with thick chocolate material suggestive of Endometriosis . These jelly like lesions are called white endometriosis . In the treatment these lesions are also bipolar coagulated . If I see such lesions on uterus I will look of endometriosis in the uterosacral region . Various ways this disease can manifest .The lining was removed from the right ovary . Always retain as much of ovarian cortex as possible because the ova’s are in the cortex and number is already predetermined .

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This is chronic recurrent pelvic inflammatory Disease.(PID.). They represent retention cyst .

This is the result of chronic recurrent pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). They are often called as retension cysts filled with fluids on the uterus and ovaries as a result of previous healed infection. This kind of retension cysts can also be seen on the posterior lip of the cervix in different manner.

?Mucinous cystadenoma of ovary

Gelatinous glandular cyst of ovary..

Tnx Dr Dinesh Gupta
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