age 60 male no history of diabetes htn dressing from 2 month after cellulitis in my opinion wound is healing please advise the best



Well done sir .nice progress

Acid Nit. 1M one dose and wait for one week dressing with Calendula Q.

Nitric acid will surely help in healing

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Elephantiasis with cellulitis

Well done.... Continue the same treatment doctor. Thanks for sharing.

Nice progress dr

Nice progress ,, share the tt also dr

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Agreed@Dr. Nagur Mogal sir, As per image wound seems like curing very fast, And continuous ur line of treatment@Dr. Amitkumar Rai sir.

Definately Granulation Formation Is There So Wound Is Healing Vrana Prakshalana With Panchavalkal Quatham Followed By Application Of Jatyaadi Ghrita Panchatikta Ghrita Guggulu Gandhak Rasayan Aarogyavardhini Vati Mouktika Kaamdudha Rasa Avipattikar Churna Mahamanjishthadi Quatham Cutis Cream For Local Application

Add nimbadi guggulu

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Yes air definitely there is progress we can see that the swelling in very much less and slopping edges can be seen

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