age 65 female non healing wound after cellulitis plz dx and rx



Ulcer due to venous insufficiency / dusta brana .Raktamokhsan. .sneha pan with panchatikta ghrita guggul birachan Rx Panchatikta ghrita guggul. Gandhak rasayan. .kaisor guggul. Mahamanjistadi kawth. LA JATYADI GHRITA

Gun powder CM Pyrogenium 1m Silicea 200 Dressing hygienic with calendula & Arnica external

Canadula Q ointment externally Hepar sulph 200 eight day after silicea 200

Needs regular dressing with sterile pads,periodic removal of debris. Suitable antibiotics.otherwise case has to be referred for skin grafting

Dr please suggest Ayurveda Rx.

-Ulcer due to venous insufficiency ? -Diabetic foot ? -Arterial ulcer ?

It has all signs of gambheera vata Rakta and dushta vrana Rx If rogi bala is good then virechana, Rakta mokshana Vrana dhavana with pv kwatha, Madhuri or jathyadi taila lepa Amrita guggulu Shiva gulika Maha manjishtadi kashayam

Non diabetic

Please give proper history. It's may due to high sugar. Wil take long days to heal.

Wht about. H/o. Diabetes. And htn.

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