Allergic bronchitis Rx treatment ???



Allergic bronchitis to be treated with find out allergens Protect from allergen, give symptomatic and antiallergic cough syrup and antibiotic if necessary

Thanks Dr. Mahipal Rajpurohit

R/o Allergen and avoid Adv Comp Allergy Panel Rx Tab. LEVOCETIRIZINE+MONTELUKAST OD×10 D Neb. DUOLIN+BUDENOSIDE BD×10 D Tab. DOXOFYLLINE 650 OD×10 D Adv CBC ESR

ALLERGIC BRONCHITIS ? RX, Tab - Doxiflo SR (650 ) OD × 10 D , Tab - Montek LC OD × 10 D. NEB - DUOLIN + BUDENCORT BD. × 10 D Syp - Planokuf 2TSP TDS. Adhu Blood Investigation , CBC , CRP, ESR , SR IgE , RT PCR ,

Ars.alb.30 tds for 15days

Trace the possible allergen and avoid it Put pt on tab levocetrizine monteleucast10mg Oral steroids in tappering doses Tab pulmoclear Duolin+budenoside inhalation Rest symptomatic treatment

Thanx dr Raviteja Royal

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