#Foods to #Eat for #Glowing #Skin and #Healthy #Hair #Iron – vitality and lustre

FRIENDS ON THE DEMAND OF FANS OF THE PAGE TODAY IS A TOPIC OF WHICH IS COMMON AMONG ALL. EVERYONE WANTS TO have healthy hair and glowing skin. if you’re looking for healthy hair and glowing skin, try these fabulous foods. #Foods to #Eat for #Glowing #Skin and #Healthy #Hair #Iron – vitality and lustre Tired and lacking in energy? This may be a symptom of low iron. Hair, nails and skin can also suffer if you’re lacking in iron. Skin may be very pale, become itchy, or there could be cracking at the side of the mouth. Nails can become brittle and develop vertical stripes, or even become spoon-shaped. You could shed more hair and it will be noticeably more dry, brittle and dull.



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This is iron deficiency anemia, but this may be due to deficiency of certain vitamins like vitamin A

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