Giddiness & cervical spondylosis

32/y/o with complain of giddiness while working on laptop or waking up from bed in morning K/C/O Cervical spondylitis Vertigo like feeling on turning head to side Sometimes accompanied with frontal headache No other complaint or H/O systemic diseases M Appetite- Normal Thirst- decreased Stool- sometimes constipation Tongue coated Prakriti vata-pitta




Phos acid

Maharasnadi kashyam Yogaraja Guggulu Shirashoola vajra Rasa Cervilon soft Gel capsule Ksheera Bala 101 avarthi drops for Talam and internally

Rx Phos acid may be helpful

Maharasnadi kashyam Yogaraja Guggulu Cervilon soft Gel capsule Ksheera Bala 101 avarthi drops for Talam and internally

Too much gadget.. please take a vacation....close eyes on elevated pillow...and sleep or sit on ground.... sunshine ginger cherries berries apricots dates no sugar no nonveg diet no eggs no mushrooms no fried foods no processed or fermented foods and beverages...lime juice, orange juice beetroot coriander juice pineapple with black pepper sprouts kalijeeri alkaline diet cold pressed coconut oil massage and in naval.... inhalation techniques under the supervision of Doctor thinking.... flaxseed oil for pain

Unani medicines Habb e jograj gogal . bd Khameer e gauzabaan .morning bb 10gm with milk Habb e azaraakhi 2 tablets od.b.bed After 15 day local applicant can b given

Physiotherapy, yogasanas, cervical exercises. Rasraj ras, Ashwgandarisht, mahayograj guggal, ekangveer ras,praval Pishhti,rasnadi saptak kwath.. beneficial..

Thanks Dr Lucky..

Physiotherapy Manya basti is very beneficial

cervical spondylosis Lakhsaadi guggle 250 mg Hadjord ghan 250 mg Ashwganda ghan 250mg Parval bhasam 100 mg Pipple lakh 150mg Haridra ghan 150 mg Sudh nux vomica 50 mg bd with milk Maha Rasna ghan vatti unjha Ekangvir rass Khanjan kari ras [ay.s.s.] Vatgujankus rass Cap kheerbala101

Advise Sutshekhar ras and rasraj ras. Cervical exercise and physiotherapy will help.

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