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Patient with facial trauma Having sinus tachycardia with hypertension See the monitor, Just start NTG infusion but BP not comes down BP around 180/110 continue 8-10 hours No any history oh CAD,HTN,DM Kindly suggest


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A mutilated facial trauma. Immediate intubation and mechanical ventilation tobe started . A CT scan head and facio- maxillary area is indicated to rule out head injury . A maxillo - facial surgeon for the immediate haemostasis and emergency surgical management. If NTG drip not able to control B.P - inj frusemide can help.

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Tracheostomy ,Mechanical ventilation Volume resuscitation Sedation Antibiotics No need to lower blood pressure aggressively . Surgical opinion.

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Followup case of facial trauma Monitor display consistent hypertension And ecg shows sinus tachycardia So we need to manage htn gradual lowering beside rest of treatment to be continued

Give iv beta blocker then if not controlled can start sodium nitropresside IV

Sinus tachy due to pain.Start Mannotol 100 ml tds to maintain BP and get the CT head.

Sinus trachecardia Ct face with 3d reconstruction should be done to rule out associated fractures..

Case of facial trauma Emergency intubation should be done to avoid aspiration See the level of consciousness See for mri 3d face with mri brain Chest xray High bp is because of severe pain and might be because of anxiety Keep patient at sedation state Avoid excess of blood flow from wound Opinion of facial surgeon And treat accordingly

Severe facial trauma High blood pressure is significantly contributed by severe pain and associated anxiety This patient may be at risk of aspiration because of trauma to mandible Sedation and intubation may help in prevention of aspiration and reduce pain which will help in reducing blood pressure and tachycardia

in such type of cases time is the main fector bcoz. The slow recovery.Therefor we should reduce the gold ausadhi and use Rasnadi errand kasayam.

See the ECG

Ecg shows sinus tachycardia with poor r wave progression

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