Pt aged 44 yrs....C/o generalised itching....Since 8 yrs....Daily itching....Taken treatment at many drs no Response and well Known dermatologist treated no response.... Pt is non diabetic/No thyroid problem/No Anaemia/No Scabies/No Liver problem/No renal problem/No Tension or Hysterical/No HIV/No Hbsag positive/No Drug Related Itching/Non HTN/No Food Related Allergy.....Dermatologist given her steroids/Dapsone tabs etc her weight increased but no Symptoms relieved....So pt is Very much Fed up of this along with family members.....No Relief of Itching.....So Challenging One pls share ur Opinions fast......If u feel diagnosis then tell Related Investigation,Treatment and prognosis...Must.



Avoid using soap. Start applying moisturizers. Tab Araratx 10 MG b. d. Tab. Supradyn o. d. Get vit D3 level tested.

ask for ornaments allergy, try Whitefield ointment with cpm tablets

First of all remove all ornaments

Homeopathic treatment can eradicate it

May be she never took full ciurse of medicines. .... It might be tinea corporis...

Atopic dermatitis

Picture shows whitish scaly....May be psoriasis as u say generalised itchig.

?Atopic dermatitis

Go with simple sympomatic treatment, ie- Tab-Ivoral fort-3dys, 1od, Tab- Zocan(Fluconazole)150, od3dys, caps- Moringo 1bd30dys, Tab- Montil-L-1od at night 15 dys -caps-Allergy kill1od30dys(jamuna pharma)- Local aply- Valbet ointment

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chronic eczema ......topical steroids with moisturisers may help......

dry eczema

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